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Notability is one of the top-rated apps for note-taking, annotation, organization and studying. Originally launched in 2010 for iOS, Notability’s versatile features have made it a favorite among students, professionals and anyone who wants to go paperless with their notes and documents. However, Notability’s official app is still limited to iOS and Android platforms only.

Many users have been requesting a Windows and Mac version to use Notability’s powerful note capabilities on their laptop or desktop. While Notability has not yet expanded to these platforms natively, there are a few workarounds to download and install Notability on Windows PCs and Mac devices.

This guide will cover different options to get Notability on a Windows or Mac computer, including using Android emulators for Windows and alternative note apps for Mac. Instructions will also be provided for setting up Notability across platforms for seamless note syncing.

Download Options for Notability

Currently, the only way to officially download Notability is through the App Store for iOS devices or Google Play Store for Android. Notability has not released a native application for Windows or macOS.

Using an Android Emulator for Windows

The simplest way to use Notability on a Windows PC is by running it through an Android emulator like BlueStacks. This allows you to access the Android version on Windows 10 or 11 devices.

To do this, first download and install BlueStacks on your computer. Then open the Google Play store in the emulator and search for Notability to install it. Once installed, log into your Notability account to sync all your existing content.

The Android app translates well to the larger laptop/desktop interface. You get access to all of Notability’s core note-taking and editing features.

Alternative Note Apps for Mac

Since there is no official Notability Mac app, the best option is to use another note-taking app designed for macOS. Some top alternatives with similar features include GoodNotes, Bear, OneNote, and Evernote.

While they may not be exact Notability replacements, these apps provide digital note capabilities like typing, handwriting with Apple Pencil, annotating PDFs, organizing notes into notebooks, collaboration, and cross-platform syncing.

Install Notability on Windows PC

Here are the step-by-step instructions to download and set up Notability on a Windows laptop or desktop:

Downloading BlueStacks Emulator

First, download BlueStacks for Windows from and go through the installation process. BlueStacks will essentially create an Android environment on your Windows machine.

Getting Notability from Google Play Store

Once BlueStacks is installed, open it and look for the Google Play Store icon. Click to open the Play Store in the emulator. Search for “Notability” and click install to download it.

Logging into Your Notability Account

After Notability finishes installing in BlueStacks, open the app. You should see a “Login” button – tap this and enter your email and password for your existing Notability account. Logging in will sync all your notes, notebooks and settings.

Syncing Notes from Mobile

Give Notability a few minutes to fully sync your content from the iOS or Android app over the cloud. Soon you’ll see all your notebooks, notes, and annotations available on Windows.

Now you have the Android version of Notability ready to use on your Windows laptop or desktop!

Using Notability on Windows PC

The functionality of Notability on Windows via BlueStacks is very similar to the mobile experience. Here are some of the key features you can take advantage of:

Note-Taking Features

  • Type or handwrite notes with a stylus
  • Draw shapes, diagrams and mathematical equations
  • Highlight and annotate PDF documents
  • Record audio simultaneously while taking notes

Organization and Productivity

  • Create and manage notebooks for each subject
  • Add dividers, sections and tags to organize notes
  • Search notes quickly by keyword or content
  • Share notebooks and notes for collaboration

Annotations and Collaboration

  • Annotate PDFs with highlights, underlines and text comments
  • Collaborate on notes in real-time with other users
  • Export annotated notes and documents as PDF files

Cross-Platform Syncing

  • Bi-directional syncing with iOS and Android over the cloud
  • Start notes on mobile, continue editing on Windows
  • Access updates from collaborators on shared notes

Install Notability on Mac

Unfortunately there is currently no direct way to download and install Notability on a Mac computer. An official macOS app has not been developed yet by the creators of Notability.

The best alternative is to use another robust note-taking and annotation app designed specifically for the Mac operating system. Some top options to consider:


  • Hierarchical notebook organization system
  • Handwriting with Apple Pencil + wide range of pen tools
  • Annotate PDFs with comments, shapes, etc.
  • Sync notes to iOS devices


  • Simple, beautiful note-taking interface
  • Hashtag system for organization
  • Universal links and note backlinks
  • Syncs between Mac, iOS, and more


  • Notebooks with sections and pages structure
  • Office document integration and collaboration
  • Draw tools for freehand inking
  • Availability across all platforms


  • Tag-based note organization
  • Document scanner via camera
  • Web clipper for saving webpages
  • Note sharing and publishing

While not perfect substitutes, these apps provide many overlapping capabilities with Notability for note taking and annotation on Mac. Most importantly, they allow you to access notes on both macOS and iOS for multi-device utility.

Tips for Using Notability on PC and Mac

Here are some tips to maximize productivity with Notability using the Windows/Android or Mac setup:

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use handy shortcuts like Ctrl+N to create a quick note, Ctrl+Shift+N for a new notebook, and Ctrl+F to search notes.

Customize the Interface

Modify the sidebar, add quick access toolbars, change scrolling behavior and other settings to optimize Notability for your larger desktop interface.

Import External Files

Bring in PDFs and image files to annotate within Notability. The Windows/Android versions allow easy file importing.

Back Up Your Notes

Use cloud syncing via services like Google Drive or iCloud. Can also export notebooks as PDF files to store locally as backups.


While Notability is not natively available for Windows or Mac, users can still download it using an Android emulator for Windows PCs or reputable alternative apps on Mac. These options allow you to take advantage of robust note-taking and organization features across devices. It does require some initial setup, but being able to access the same powerful notes from mobile to desktop is well worth the effort. Until official versions are released, these solutions provide Notability functionality for Windows and Mac users.


Q: Does Notability have a Windows or Mac app?

A: No, there is no official Notability app for Windows or macOS yet. The iOS and Android versions are the only native apps.

Q: What is the best way to use Notability on my Windows laptop?

A: Downloading the Android app via an emulator like BlueStacks will allow you to run Notability on a Windows PC.

Q: What are some good alternatives to Notability for Mac?

A: Some top options are GoodNotes, Bear, OneNote, and Evernote. They provide robust note capabilities designed for macOS.

Q: Can I access my Notability notes from iOS/Android on my computer?

A: Yes, logging into your Notability account will sync all your existing notes and notebooks to the Windows or Mac versions.

Q: Does the Android version of Notability have all the same features?

A: Nearly all of the core note-taking tools and functionality are available in the Android app that runs on Windows via emulator.

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