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Procreate is one of the most popular and powerful illustration and drawing apps available today. With advanced creative tools, intuitive interface, and robust features, Procreate has become a favorite among digital artists for creating stunning works on the go.

However, Procreate is currently exclusive to iOS devices only. The developer, Savage Interactive, has not launched native Procreate versions for Windows PC or MAC computers yet. This leaves many illustrators on other platforms wanting access to this top creative app.

Luckily there are methods to get Procreate working on Windows and MAC machines through the use of emulators. By downloading an emulator and the Procreate APK, artists can start harnessing Procreate’s artistic capabilities on PC and MAC.

Benefits of Procreate

Here are some of the key benefits that have made Procreate a highly coveted digital drawing and painting app:

Top Illustration and Drawing App

Procreate is considered one of the very best illustration apps available. It provides professional-grade tools tailored to digital artists for drawing, painting, and animating works of art.

Intuitive and Easy to Use

The Procreate interface is intuitive with customizable brushes, shortcuts, touch gestures, and menus optimized for illustration workflows. This allows for a natural creative process.

Professional-Grade Tools

It packs powerful tools like ultra-high canvas resolution, unique brush engines, filters, transformations, masking, and over 150 customizable brushes. These rival capabilities of leading desktop creative programs.

Ideal for Digital Artists

Procreate is designed specifically for illustrators and animators. It offers an unmatched experience for freehand drawing directly on the device screen with tools that bring creative visions to life.

Given Procreate’s immense popularity in the digital art world, it’s easy to see why non-iOS users want access too. Emulators provide a way for artists on Windows and MAC to tap into Procreate’s capabilities.

Getting Procreate on PC and MAC

Here are the main avenues to get Procreate working on Windows and MAC machines:

Lack of Native Procreate for Windows and MAC

Currently, there is no native Procreate app available for download on Windows PC or MAC computers. Procreate has remained exclusively for iOS since its launch.

The developer Savage Interactive has hinted at possible future releases for other platforms. But there has been no official announcement yet.

Using Emulators as Workaround

Without native apps, the only way to run Procreate on Windows or MAC is through using an emulator. An emulator mimics iOS to allow installing Procreate’s iOS app file on non-Apple devices.

This gives an environment to run the Procreate app just like on an iPad or iPhone. Popular options include BlueStacks, Nox Player, and others.

How To Install Procreate On PC And MAC?

Here is a step-by-step guide to installing Procreate on PC or MAC using the BlueStacks emulator:

Downloading BlueStacks

First, download and install BlueStacks for Windows or MAC from the official BlueStacks site. The emulator is free to install and use.

Installing Procreate APK

Next, find a trusted source for downloading the Procreate APK file online. Many sites offer this for free. Install the APK file within BlueStacks.

Configuring Emulator Settings

Configure BlueStacks to optimize performance for illustration. Allocate max CPU cores, high RAM, enable high-performance mode, and set the device type to iPad Pro.

Trial Run

Do a trial run of Procreate within the BlueStacks emulator. Test out Procreate’s drawing and brush tools to ensure full functionality.

Using Procreate on Emulator

Once up and running smoothly, Procreate on an emulator provides the full experience just like on an iOS device. Create new canvases, use brushes, and illustrate seamlessly on Windows or MAC.

With these straightforward steps, digital artists can enjoy the heralded Procreate app right from their PC or MAC. An emulator like BlueStacks grants easy access to this top creative tool.

Procreate Alternatives

For those seeking native drawing apps for Windows and MAC, here are some leading Procreate alternatives:

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

This drawing and painting app from Adobe provides similar brushes and layer features. It syncs seamlessly with Photoshop.


Assembly is a dedicated illustration and animation tool for Windows with robust features for digital art.


Concepts offers dynamic brushes and infinite canvas for Windows and MAC. It’s great for sketching, design, and Illustration.

Other Options

Other alternatives include ArtRage, Autodesk Sketchbook, Clip Studio Paint, Rebelle, and more. Each provides strong illustration tools for PC and MAC.

While not direct substitutes for Procreate, these apps provide capable creative tools and may be easier to use than emulators for some artists.


In conclusion, without official Procreate releases for Windows and MAC, emulators provide the only route to run this coveted digital art app on PC and MAC. By downloading an emulator and installing the Procreate APK, digital artists can access the powerful illustration tools that have made Procreate hugely popular.

For those seeking native apps, alternatives like Photoshop Sketch, Assembly, Concepts, and others offer robust drawing and painting tools specifically for non-iOS platforms. While not exact replacements, these options provide great creative capabilities optimized for Windows and MAC.

Accessing Procreate expands the creative possibilities for PC and MAC users. With the right emulator setup, even non-Apple device owners can now utilize this top-rated illustration app. For digital artists who want Procreate’s professional-grade tools at their fingertips, emulators enable harnessing that artistic power on virtually any platform.For more information Visit


Does Procreate work on Windows PC?

No. Currently there is no native Procreate app available for Windows PC. However, you can install and run Procreate on Windows using an emulator like BlueStacks.

What are the best free emulators to use to run Procreate on PC or MAC?

The best free emulators for getting Procreate on Windows or MAC are BlueStacks, Nox Player, and KOPlayer. All offer high performance and easy setup to install Procreate’s iOS app file on non-Apple devices.

Is it illegal to download Procreate APK for emulators?

No, it is not illegal to download the Procreate APK. However, it is recommended to only use trusted sources when searching for the APK file rather than sites distributing pirated software.

Does Procreate work well on an emulator?

Yes, Procreate works very well through emulators like BlueStacks. Users report great performance with no major issues or loss of functionality compared to using Procreate natively on an iPad.

Are there any good alternatives to Procreate for Windows and MAC?

Good alternatives include Adobe Photoshop Sketch, Assembly, Concepts, ArtRage, Clip Studio Paint, and Autodesk Sketchbook. These provide capable drawing and illustration tools designed for non-Apple platforms.

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