lexoffice.de login- Step by step guide

lexoffice.de is an innovative online accounting platform built to streamline bookkeeping, invoicing, reporting, and taxes for Germany’s self-employed and small businesses. With customized lexoffice preise plans fit for any budget, lexoffice makes financial admin easy with automated tools, eligible tax discounts and an intuitive interface accessible on any device.

lexoffice leverages secure cloud technology so entrepreneurs can log in from anywhere to manage critical money tasks in just minutes a day. Built-in bank connectivity, receipt scanning, and milestone reminders reduce manual work so you focus onrevenue-generating activities.

lexoffice preise plans range from free to accommodate organizations of all sizes. Cost-saving bundle options include discounted tax filing assistance from affiliated experts. Read on for key lexoffice capabilities, ideal user profiles, getting started steps and more to inform your buying decision.

Lexoffice.de Login: Accessing Your Financial Hub

Logging into Lexoffice.de unlocks a world of simplified financial management for freelancers, small businesses, and even tax advisors. Here’s a quick guide to navigate the login process:

Where to Login:

Head to the official Lexoffice website: https://www.lexoffice.de/

Login Credentials:

Have your login credentials handy:

  • Email address: The email address associated with your Lexoffice account.
  • Password: Your chosen Lexoffice password.

Logging In:

  1. Click on the “Anmelden” (Login) button located in the top right corner of the website.
  2. Enter your registered email address in the designated field.
  3. Enter your password in the password field.
  4. Ensure the “Angemeldet bleiben” (Stay logged in) checkbox is ticked only if you’re using a personal device.
  5. Click on the blue “Anmelden” (Login) button.


  • Forgot your password? Click on the “Passwort vergessen?” (Forgot password?) link below the login button. It will guide you through resetting your password via email.
  • Technical issues? Contact Lexoffice support through their website or phone number (+49 (0) 800 3000 777). They offer support in German and English.

Additional Notes:

  • Lexoffice prioritizes security, so your login details are encrypted and protected.
  • Using a strong, unique password and avoiding public computers for login are recommended for optimal security.

Beyond Login:

Once logged in, you can access your personalized Lexoffice dashboard featuring:

  • Invoicing and expense management: Create and manage invoices, track expenses, and capture receipts seamlessly.
  • Banking & reconciliation: Connect your bank accounts for automatic reconciliation and stay on top of your finances.
  • Taxes & reporting: Simplify tax filing with ELSTER integration and generate comprehensive reports.
  • Mobile access: Manage your finances on the go with the convenient Lexoffice mobile app.

lexoffice preise: Subscription Options For Any Business Size

lexoffice offers tailored pricing across four main plans plus free tax return filing assistance with select accounting packages.

The Basic option at €9 per month covers single users with core features of automated categorization and reporting for streamlined finances.

Premium at €19 monthly suits solopreneneurs who need advanced tools like in-depth statistics. Collaboration is enabled for small teams and experts like tax advisors at this tier.

The Select €29 plan has everything growing enterprises require: insured ELSTER tax filing, multiple user logins, API connections to popular platforms like online stores. Bulk document upload accelerates accounting.

Enterprise packages have custom lexoffice preise for larger organizations above 10 employees. Dedicated account management provides VIP support.

Students and freelancers in the first year of business qualify for two years of free access. 50% discounts for the first year apply to startups under three years old. Anyone can sign up for a 30-day free trial. Credit card details are only needed upon renewal.

Features and Benefits: Effortless Money Management

lexoffice consolidates key small business financials into intuitive dashboards and reports accessible 24/7 from smartphones, tablets or desktops. Automation reduces tedious tasks so entrepreneurs operate efficiently.

Invoicing and Payments

Creating, sending and tracking customer invoices takes just minutes with flexibly customized templates. Accept online payments seamlessly via payroll integration. Let the software chase outstanding debts.

Expense and Inventory Management

Snap photos of receipts to auto-log expensesInventory updates when you generate supplier orders or record customer payments. Filing quarterly sales tax becomes stress-free.

Milestones and Reminders

Smart notifications prompt you to complete important accounting to-dos like reconciling bank statements monthly. Customize alerts for tracking project milestones too.

Insightful Reporting

One-click reporting generates shareable financial statements, cash flow reports, profit & loss sheets plus tax-ready exports. Filter figures by date, product, customer and more.

ELSTER Tax Filing

Built-in ELSTER integration streamlines submitting obligatory tax returns to German authorities digitally. Avoid filling tedious forms manually. Qualified partners offer discounted filing assistance.

Round-the-clock email and in-app support resolves any user issues promptly so you never feel alone. With everything accounted for easily online or via mobile, lexoffice lets entrepreneurs focus on the work they love most.

Who lexoffice Is For: Users and Use Cases

lexoffice suits all self-employed individuals and fast-growing companies in Germany tackling finances and taxes independently. Typical users include:

  • Freelancers juggling multiple income streams from consulting, coaching or creative services.
  • Sole traders buying and selling goods need organized records for annual reporting.
  • Partners collaborating on joint ventures track shared financials seamlessly.
  • Small business owners with 0 – 10 employees lack specialized accounting teams.
  • Startups and scale-ups appreciate affordable plans with custom upgrades as they expand.
  • Tax advisors + accountants leverage discounts managing finances efficiently for multiple clients.

Simple tools help lay users manage money confidently themselves while automation assists seasoned finance experts be more productive. Try lexoffice free to determine ideal features for your needs before subscribing.

How To Get Started With lexoffice?

Signing up for lexoffice trials or paid packages takes just 5-10 minutes online. Implementation can be completed independently or with consultant aid.

How To Sign UP At Lexoffice?

Visit lexoffice.de and enter your email to create a password-protected account. Activate your profile from the confirmation notice sent. Subscription plans have length flexibility.

Provide key details like:

  • Business name
  • Industry
  • Tax number
  • Business address
  • Payment method

Implementation on LexOffice

First-time users benefit from lexoffice’s scheduled onboarding calls and extensive help guides.

Top tips include:

  • Connect bank accounts for automated statement reconciliation
  • Install mobile app to snap purchase receipts on the go
  • Create recurring invoices using pre-built templates
  • Set project, tax and renewal reminders
  • Invite team members like tax advisors to collaborate

Ongoing webinars teach advanced features like custom report building, API integrations and e-commerce syncing. Leverage lexoffice’s simple tools for daily accounting needs but tap their consultants for complex tasks if required.

LexOffice Alternatives To Evaluate

lexoffice leads German cloud accounting with all-in-one money management plus discounted taxes. But alternatives to consider include:

  • sevDesk: Open source platform with customizable features may appeal to coders. However, customer support is community-based.
  • Sage One: Esteemed global brand but higher priced packages offer fewer features than lexoffice.
  • Datev: Popular option among German tax consultants but requires software purchase with higher consulting fees.

Compared to traditional desktop programs, lexoffice provides easier accessibility without long-term license commitments. For small business budgeting, lexoffice beats many rival solutions on well-rounded functionality per affordable rates.

Still, assessing individual organization needs is wise. Test lexoffice gratis to gauge the best match against other providers. Reach out for tailored price estimates too.

Frequently Asked Questions About lexoffice

Common queries about the accounting platform answered:

Is lexoffice secure?

Yes. lexoffice employs SSL encryption, data backups and authorization protocols aligned with European DSGVO standards for data protection and privacy.

Does lexoffice integrate other software?

Over 50 integrations with platforms like Shopify, PayPal, Stripe and more enable seamless syncing between lexoffice and operational systems. Custom API connections are also possible.

Can I import existing financial records?

Absolutely. Bulk uploading previous bookkeeping, invoices, inventory and other lists saves recreating everything within lexoffice manually. Just ensure digital records first.

Do I need accounting expertise to use lexoffice?

No advanced skills necessary! lexoffice’s interface is designed precisely for startups, solopreneneurs and teams without a financial background to handle everything independently. In-app guidance assists too.

Can tax advisors access my lexoffice account?

Yes, easily provide read + write authorization to consultants so they can support eligible processes like ELSTER filing or annual reporting with the permissions you specify.

Is phone support available?

Yes, reachable teams offer phone assistance during business hours for urgent queries in addition to in-app chat and email help. Priority assistance packages extra.

Conclude Smarter Accounting Work With lexoffice

In summary, lexoffice makes business accounting, taxes and compliance easy via automated online processes, insightful reporting and eligible external support. Versatile features cater to solo founders scaling up or established small companies equally.

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