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Are you looking for Smart Life App For PC then you have landed on the right place as we have mentioned about Smart Life App for PC in this article.

What is Smart Life App?

The Smart Life App for PC is such an application which allows you to control all of your smart devices from one place. Smart Life is a web app which allows you to monitor your video of your home or office.

We live in a digital age. One where most things are either smart, automated or both. To manage these devices, you may need the help of various applications.

In the 21st century, the entire human race is looking for stuff that doesn’t need any human intervention. If such thoughts wouldn’t have provoked we would be still stuck with a Telephone even worse, a telegram?

The Smart Life app is one such application that manages all your smart devices and gadgets in one go. The application allows you to remotely control, receive alerts and connect to all your smart devices and appliances in one go. The app is available for both Android and iPhone devices. To use the app directly on your PC, you need the help of the Emulator like Bluestacks.

We present you with “Smart Life app – Smart Living”,  it is one such application which is focused on managing your smart devices and gadgets on the go. This application will help you to remotely control, receive alerts and connect to your smart devices and applications in one go.


  • Remotely control your smart home from anywhere.
  • Easily share devices with your family members.
  • Get real-time alerts ensuring your safety.
  • Add and control multiple devices at once with just this one app.
  • Voice control via Google Assistant and Amazon Echo.
  • Interworking of devices, meaning your devices can start/stop working based on information such as time, temperature, and location.
  • Easily connect the app to many devices.

With many of everyday-life products shifting towards being technologically smarter, WiFi and Bluetooth controlled, efficiency, and coolness such as Philips with their widely popular Hue RGB lighting systems (Light bulbs, Light strips) and many other light ecosystems, Smart plugs changing everyday electricity and charging, Smart air conditioners which prove useful, smart locks, smart kitchen appliances, and many more applications of technology into your home.

How to download?

The Bluestacks emulator is a revolutionary software that simulates an Android environment on your computer. This will allow you to easily install any Android application such as the Smart Life app.

  1. First of all, You need to Download the emulator Bluestacks.
  2. After Downloading, run the setup to start the installation.
  3. Wait until the installation process gets completed.
  4. Open the emulator, it will demand your ID.
  5. Sign in with the existing Google Playstore ID or create a new one.
  6. After signing in, Android screen will appear in front of you.
  7. There will be play store icon on it. Click on it and enter the Smart Life and click on search.
  8. After finding it, open the Smart Life and click on install button.
  9. Wait for installation, then open the app and enjoy the big screen fun.

There are many versions of Smart Life app; you just need to choose the best one for you. If the internet is fast, it takes a few seconds to set up everything. After completing, move back to the Home tab and launch the app by one click.

It is easier that you should adjust the internet connection stable to make sure it runs smoothly.


The Smart Life app has a number of features that may come in handy in the remote management of a number of your devices and appliances. These functionalities can be easily accessed from your computer by the use of BlueStacks. Use on the app on your PC may prove to be by far much more convenient in various situations.

Hopefully, this article is useful for you when you are looking for a guideline for installing Smart Life App on the computer.

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